Vulgar Yogi’s Favorite Women-Owned Brands to Support 

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, it’s crucial to recognize the importance of supporting women-owned businesses, not just in the fitness landscape but across all industries. By supporting other women-owned businesses, we boost their economic power and promote gender equality and representation in the business world. That’s why today, in honor of Women’s History Month, I’m shining a spotlight on these amazing women-owned brands in the fitness industry. 

My Favorite Women-Owned Brands 

It’s important that we uplift Women-owned businesses this month and beyond. These brands provide excellent products and inspire and empower women to embrace their strength, individuality, and vulgarity. So let’s celebrate these badass women who are making a difference in the world and paving the way for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Joah Brown

If you’re looking for a woman-owned business offering comfortable, stylish, and versatile clothing, Joah Brown is a great brand you should check out. Founded by Joah Brown herself, the brand focuses on creating comfortable, stylish, and versatile clothing that empowers women to embrace their individuality and confidence. With a commitment to sustainability and ethical production practices, Joah Brown is dedicated to providing beautiful products and positively impacting the planet and people. Their clothing is perfect for the hot room or any other workout you may prefer.  (Cali Water event for photos)


ARE YOU AM I is another great women-owned business that deserves your support. Founded by the kick-ass fashion blogger Rumi Neely, ARE YOU AM I offers some of the most luxurious, sexy, and trendy clothing. Whether I’m looking to slay a casual day or break necks at a fancy event, ARE YOU AM I has the perfect clothing to make me feel like a total boss bitch while showing off my unique personality and style. Not to mention, Are You Am I is all about sustainability and ethical production practices, so you can feel even better about investing in their clothing.


As someone always looking for a natural and holistic way to support my health and recovery, I’m a massive fan of TONIC Vibes! Their top-notch CBD products have become a staple in my wellness routine and one of my favorites to recommend to my fellow yogis. Not only do their products help me feel more calm and centered, but they also promote a better night’s sleep as relaxation after a challenging workout. Founded by the wonderful Brittany Carbone, I love that TONIC is a company dedicated to quality and transparency, and their products are made with the highest quality ingredients.

Of the Saints 

Of the Saints is a dope women-owned business you don’t want to sleep on. Founded by designer and entrepreneur Angelie Fulton, the brand showcases the parts of a woman’s body that truly define her beauty. Their clothing is not only glamorous but functional. The one-piece body suits are lightweight and breathable, making them perfect for hot yoga. I love that Of The Saints is more than just a yoga apparel company – they’re all about promoting an active, well-balanced lifestyle and celebrating the beauty and strength of women. (Yoga expo for photos) or selfie on ig

Year of Ours 

As a fitness enthusiast and fashion lover, Eleanor Haycock’s Year of Ours offers activewear that is not only stylish but incredibly functional and comfortable. Their high-quality fabrics and attention to detail make their pieces durable, long-lasting, and super comfortable. I love that their clothes are designed by women, for women, so it truly fits and flatters every body type. Year of Ours is truly more than a clothing brand – it’s a community of strong and empowered women working towards their health and fitness goals. I’m proud to support such a fantastic company dedicated to helping women look and feel their best.


As a yoga instructor, I absolutely love SKIMS! Not only do they offer super comfortable and easy-to-move-in fabrics that are perfect for my yoga practice, but they are a women-empowering company that celebrates all body types. Their seamless designs and buttery-soft fabrics make it easy to strike any pose and feel confident and comfortable doing it. Plus, they have so many options to choose from, so I can always mix and match to create a unique look. SKIMS helps me to embrace my body, and I’m proud to support a company that empowers women to be their best selves, both on and off the mat. (artist tree classes for photos)

Talking Hippie 

Talking Hippie is more than just a candle brand, it is a reflection of founder Christie Ciberey’s passion for sustainability and natural living. I’m proud to support such an amazing brand and love knowing that my purchases support women entrepreneurs who are breaking barriers and positively impacting the world. And, of course, the candles themselves are heavenly – the scents are so natural and calming, perfect for private candle-lit yoga or thai bodywork sessions. I especially love the fun, eccentric feel of the Talking Hippie’s packaging.


I can’t help but love brands that are truly dedicated to spreading the practice to as many people as possible. That’s why I’m a huge fan of I. T O R E H E I M – the Swedish yoga lifestyle brand that was created to promote yoga in all its forms to people all over the world. Not only does I. T O R E H E I M makes the absolute best leos, but they understand the power of yoga and how it can transform people’s lives. Everything about this company exudes authenticity and passion for the practice, from beautifully crafted yoga apparel to inspiring brand ambassadors. I love that their products are not only beautiful and functional but they’re also made with the environment in mind. 

Chloe Colette 

I know how important it is to feel comfortable in what I’m wearing, but I also want to look stylish and put-together – and that’s why I love Chloe Colette! Jenny Rizzuto’s background as a personal stylist really shines through in the brand’s design. The pieces are not only versatile and comfortable, but they make me feel confident and beautiful in my own skin. It’s so refreshing to find a brand that truly understands what women need in their wardrobe and delivers it with effortless style.

On top of Jenny owning a Chloe Colette, Jenny is in 90 minutes of 26&2 everyday in the hottest of all hot rooms at Hot 8 Yoga. Even running a business, manages to prioritize her body and health no matter what. Just like she practices in yoga she pays extra close attention to fine details, which is apparent in her sheek classy line of dress wear. She a sweet woman with a giant heart, yet a bad ass that takes no shit.  

Here’s to strong women

So, this Women’s History Month, let’s raise a glass to their success and continue supporting and uplifting each other as we navigate our paths to greatness. Here’s to strong women – may we know them, may we be them!