The Never Ending Question: “Why Vulgar?

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It’s been almost seven years since I started my brand. For those of you who are new here, Vulgar Yogi® is a dynamic, versatile, growing brand of many types of yoga, personal training, pilates, HIIT, modeling, bodywork, and art.

As I continue to expand, however, I constantly get asked the question: “Why Vuglar?”

Why Vulgar Yogi?

It’s no secret that the yoga industry is over-saturated. That’s why when I first started my brand, I knew I needed a name, and approach, that would help me stand out. 

It had to be something professional and strong to match my workouts, but unique enough to match my personality. Something artistic enough, just edgy enough, and just rough enough to really catch your attention. 

Simultaneously pondering possibilities for my brand, and reminiscing on my own experiences breaking into the yoga world, the name and direction of my brand quickly – and boldly, became clear. 

Embracing Individuality 

Having initially turned to yoga as an outlet for my mental health, making the transition from student to teacher was somewhat jarring. While my personal practice brought me freedom and healing I’d never thought possible, applying myself as an instructor was another story. The world which I once associated with freedom and acceptance, quickly began to feel more restricting than welcoming. 

As someone who had experienced the positive effects of yoga on both my body and mind, however, I knew I couldn’t give up. With the goal of being everything the traditional yoga world is missing, I took off my clothes and bared my soul to the world. The good, the bad, the dirty and the fucking vulgar.

Staying Vulgar 

It’s always been clear to me that yoga can take anger, sadness and even pain, and turn into something beautiful. As Vulgar Yogi, I want to help my students with their self-confidence so they can feel as “nasty” as that Rolls Royce they’ve always wanted. 


With a goal of personal empowerment, I’ve developed a training system unlike any other fitness class or workshop. Featuring mouthwatering heat, energizing music, and my bad ass attitude to coach and encourage you through along the way, my classes are effective enough to achieve results, and difficult enough to make you curse. They creates lean, long muscles, burns fat, and increases metabolism and willpower. Every. Fucking. Day. 

Ready to start your Vulgar fitness journey? Visit my class page to sign up for my online classes or learn more about the brand. 



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