About the Creator

Toni (aka @VulgarYogi) is a compassionate, avid traveling yogini and master HIIT instructor. Having trained with at the Fall 2015 Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand, Toni withstood vigorous training in hot yoga with the original Bikram Choudhury himself and worked with Missy Jones, the pioneer of HIIT/Yoga/Pilates a low impact training system called PyroPILATES. In 2019, Toni then developed her own format of a class called VulgarYogi® Pilates, which is a high impact training system using HIIT/PowerYoga/Pilates that effectively burns fat and creates lean muscle in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Toni instructs yoga and hot pilates all over the country and world. Outside of yoga and fitness, Toni is passionate about alternative medical treatment for mental health. In early 2018, Toni took a pilgrimage to India to study and immerse herself in Ayurvedic punchakarma treatment, enabling her to use herself as an example for students and to promote awareness that alternative, holistic health truly is effective.

Toni also trained at the Science of the Self Teacher Training with Erin Rose, studying acupressure and other healing modalities from TCM in Texas, combining yoga with traditional Chinese medicine. After, Toni then traveled to Wisconsin and received a certification in Thai Body Work through Synergy Yoga.

Toni works with all levels of experience. She can provide a relaxing, restorative flow to help with anxiety or stress, or she could flip a switch and turn the class into high intensity, fat burning workout for those ready to sweat off the calories and build muscle. Toni’s clients range from senior citizens to young children under age five. From people struggling with obesity and lack of flexibility, to college and professional level athletes who train regularly, Toni provides a dynamic, fun and hot range of strength-building exercises designed to get her students’ blood pumping and minds in check.

Awards and Publications

  • 2022 Ranked 1st Northeast Regional Champion (Yoga USA)
  • 2021 Ranked 8th Nationally (US Yoga Federation)
  • 2020 PA State Asana Champion of Yoga USA
  • 2019 Thai Yoga Bodywork Certification (Synergy Yoga)
  • 2019 “Science of the Self” TCM Teacher Training
  • 2018 Published in Yoga Journal, “Tips for Travel”
  • 2017 Ayurvedic Punchakarma Treatment (Kerala, India)
  • 2016 HIIT Pilates and Yoga Teacher Training (PyroPILATES)
  • 2015 Bikram Yoga Teacher Training (Khao Lak, Thailand)